Hearts To You Guy Valentines
Hearts To You Guy Valentines
Hearts To You Guy Valentines
Hearts To You Guy Valentines
Hearts To You Guy Valentines
Hearts To You Guy Valentines

Hearts To You Guy Valentines

Love is in the air!! Give your student a squeeze from afar and cure post-winter break blues with a box full of carefully selected goodies that mean more than just chocolate and candy hearts.This specialty box is the perfect way for St Valentine to pay your student a visit during these dreary months till summer arrives!


Artistic Wooden Box

Can be repurposed as a wall cubby (command strip included) or smart storage in dorm rooms

Fulton & Roark Face Mit

Help get him ready for that Valentine evening with something strong enough to cleanse his face, but gentle enough not to irritate his skin. This handy tool is his new best friend when paired with our shaving puck or his favorite cleanser. Use daily and watch the magic happen!  Works to get through stubble or on a freshly shaved face.


The Great Soap Company Shaving Puck

For the closest shave or some routine beard maintenance, we have his back. Made with coconut, palm, sunflower, and castor oils, this shave puck will condition and soften coarse beards and keep skin silky smooth through every shave, all season long. He’ll be positively kiss-able!!

 Red Recycled Bike Key Chain

Sport his unique style and never go thirsty with this repurposed key chain. Time to hop on his ten-speed and get going!

Cupid’s Fresh Aftershave
Daringly decadent aromas of eucalyptus and spearmint will have him alert and ready when his sweetheart walks by. 2 Bits Man grooming collection offers “The Fresh,” a daily aftershave designed to achieve a refined look and soft feel without irritating his skin.

Animal Kingdom Playing Cards
Maybe this Valentine’s Day is a guy’s night in with this sleek and sophisticated animal-kingdom-themed deck of cards. For every deck sold, $1 is donated to the World Wildlife Fund, so he can do game night in style while giving back.

We work with small batch artisans.  Should an item be so popular that we are temporarily out of stock, we will happily substitute an item of equal or greater value.

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