Settling In Girl Deluxe
Settling In Girl Deluxe
Settling In Girl Deluxe
Settling In Girl Deluxe
Settling In Girl Deluxe

Settling In Girl Deluxe


Settling into a new place can be hard, especially if it’s her first time out of the house. Chances are, she doesn’t have a whole lot of things to decorate her room to make it her own little home, so we put together a box full of handcrafted products for her, and a few things to spice up her space. She will be feeling cozy in no time!


Handmade Pottery Cup
This multi-purpose cup is a great way to stash her little trinkets that she doesn’t want lost in the black hole under her desk. Use it as a decorative piece, stay clutter free, and never misplace a bobby pin again.

Bettina’s Teas - Pina Colada Caffeine Free Tea
A long day of organizing your room and getting to know the people in your hallway can be overwhelming. At the end of it all, you deserve a little bit of relaxation to unwind. This delicious tea is caffeine free and perfect anytime. Allergy Info: This product contains coconut

“Be In Love With Your Life, Every Minute Of It” Canvas Bag
Jumping from class to class might mean spending long hours away from her dorm, and all of her favorite products to freshen up throughout the day. This versatile canvas bag is small enough for a purse or backpack and perfect for makeup, pencils, or as a travel bag.

Forget-Me-Not Hand Crème
Keep her skin soft and happy with the decadent aromas of Library of Flowers hand creme. Appealing to the eyes and the nose, this hand crème is subtly scented and beautifully packaged to have you feeling fresh.

Get to Know Your Roommate Cards
Getting to know complete strangers is not an easy task. We’ve made breaking the ice with new people a little easier. Grab a couple iced coffees, find a sunny spot on the lawn, and break out these puppies for great conversation starters.

Wood Wall Hanging with Succulent Plant
Dressing up a small dorm can be difficult, but this lightweight, easy-to-hang wood V is sure to personalize her space without taking up space. Includes “maintenance free” succulent to add a splash of green to her room.

Meet the Maker

Concrete Ring Cone Holder
Keep your desk free of clutter and keep all of your favorite pieces where you can see them with this adorable patterned ring holder.

Hand Painted Belgian Chocolate Sticks
Voted best fudge in America, with the finest ingredients crafted by Belgian chocolate artisans, Chocolate Moonshine Co. lives up to its reputation: Illegally good. Non-Alcoholic. Gluten Free. No Egg or Wheat.

Allergy Info: All products are produced in a facility that processes nuts and may contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts. All moonshine bars contain fresh cream (milk). Some bars contain nut paste.

We work with small batch artisans.  Should an item be so popular, that we are temporarily out of stock, we will happily substitute an item of equal or greater value.

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