Adventure Girl


What is it about weekend day trips, hikes to the summit, and bonfires on the beach that are so compelling? This box is full of the glamping adventure essentials for when she explores new places. Time to hit the open road with a couple of friends and see where the wind takes her!


Artistic Wooden Box

Can be repurposed as a wall cubby (command strip included) or smart storage in dorm rooms

Lulu Organic Dry Shampoo Hair Powder

Tea Drops

Ditch the tea bag and plop this cute little nugget into her favorite mug with some boiling water. Stir as the tea dissolves and enjoy! Peppermint and sweet spearmint is the perfect soothing mixture to relax after a long day!

Terra Cotta Incense Tee Pee
Every girl’s room can use some smell goods! Fun as décor or an incense burner, our teepee is a miniaturization of the structure typically associated with the Native Americans and Canadians of the Great Plains.Set includes one Teepee and 20 Count Box of Piñon Incense.

Adventure Stickers

Lip Balm
Tastefully packaged in bamboo with subtle notes of vanilla or Earl Grey. Just FACE is a vegan, all-natural, Colorado-based company with a Give Back Program to help children get cleft lip and palate surgeries in developing countries.

Meet the Maker

Sea Salt Caramels
Sneak in a delicious treat before class or reward herself after a balanced dinner. Sustainably sourced with quality ingredients, her mouth will be watering for more of this sweet and salty snack.

We work with small batch artisans.  Should an item be so popular, that we are temporarily out of stock, we will happily substitute an item of equal or greater value.

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