Adventure Guy

Adventure Guy


What is it about weekend day trips, hikes to the summit, and bonfires on the beach that are so compelling? This box is full of the adventure essentials for exploring new places. Time to hit the open road with a couple of buddies and see where life takes them.


Artistic Wooden Box

Can be repurposed as a wall cubby (command strip included) or smart storage in dorm rooms

“Meet Me In The Mountains” and Plaid Moose Stickers
Terra Cotta Incense Tee Pee

Every guy’s room can use some smell goods! Fun as décor or an incense burner, our teepee is a miniaturization of the structure typically associated with Native Americans and Canadians of the Great Plains. Set includes one Teepee and 20 Count Box of Piñon Incense.

Cedarwood Turmeric Soap
Crafted with organic ingredients and the natural scents of essential oils, Moon Rivers has artfully mastered smelling good and rejuvenating your skin. This soap has active moisturizing agents and can be used in his daily routine.

Body Scent Sampler
This 4-piece sampler from Abbott NYC is the perfect way to find his favorite new scent inspired by Telluride, the Sequoia, Mohave and The Cape.

Single Serve Sudden Coffee

Recycled Bike Key Chain

Sport your unique style and never go thirsty with this repurposed key chain. Hop on your ten-speed and get going!

Electrobar Chocolate Superfood Bars 
K’ul bars are full of delicious chocolate and superfoods to get you where you need to go. Full of different nuts and berries, chocolate has just become his favorite food all over again.

Allergy Info:  Processed in a facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts, and milk

We work with small batch artisans.  Should an item be so popular, that we are temporarily out of stock, we will happily substitute an item of equal or greater value.

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